Avoiding Paying High Costs For Cremation Caskets

In 2016, it is projected that the number of cremations will equal the number of burials and will continue to rise from there, eventually surpassing traditional burial services. This can be attributed to any number of reasons that include higher education and better understanding of cremation services. More and more people are choosing to have alternative services that eschew the traditional standard of funeral services held in a funeral home chapel or church that is followed by a processional to the cemetery. Today, as new generations continue to evolve, some funeral proceedings have taken on a much more celebratory tone, appreciating the person who lived as opposed to a service focused on deep grieving and religious practices.

Many people also choose cremation in hopes of keeping their remains more cost-friendly, thinking that by choosing cremation costs will be more affordable for their remaining family. However, the truth is that funerals are a business, too. And, funeral homes have long held the role of being the only way family members could purchase caskets, urns, and other funeral services. This enabled funeral companies to mark up prices to astronomically high prices, sometimes exceeding 500% of the wholesale cost. This means that oftentimes customers are still paying the full cost of a casket, as charged by the funeral home, even when the deceased has chosen cremation.

When you purchase a casket online with us, you can choose a wood casket similar to any you would find at a local funeral home but pay far less for it. The reason we are able to offer you such dramatically lower prices is the deals we have locked into place with our manufacturer. This means that a casket you might have had to pay $6,000 for at a funeral home can be purchased through our company for 60-80% less. And, every one of our caskets is inspected via a third-party company before it is deemed good enough to be sold through our website.

Delivery is easy, too. If you live in California, we offer true 1-2 business day free delivery or next business day guarantee service for a small fee. We also deliver nationwide and a list of our rates and time expectations can be found on our website. If you are planning a cremation, avoid paying high costs and order through us, getting the same or better quality as you'd find at a funeral home, for less.

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