Advantages of a Metal Casket or Coffin
Brought to you by Divine Caskets

A friend or loved one has just passed and it is time to arrange for the funeral. You want a quality casket or coffin to lay your loved one to rest, but you also want fair pricing. You may have noticed that the funeral home has given you an itemized list of casket options and the prices seem a little out of touch. This is because they are. Funeral homes will charge a premium and bank on the fact that you will not shop independently outside of them. It is important to note that it is illegal for the funeral home to stop you from shopping with a third party, and they can’t even charge you an extra fee for doing so.

Ordering a casket or a coffin online from Divine Caskets is a great way to meet your funeral needs. The company is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. They have a direct relationship with casket manufacturers so there is no middle man. You know that you are getting the best price.

Of course you want to honor your loved one with a quality casket. Divine Caskets offers metal caskets in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. You can choose colors like White Angel, Frank Monarch Blue, or Black Onyx to reflect the personality of your loved one. The caskets or coffins are offered in 20 gauge, 18 gauge, stainless steel, and bronze. For standard metal caskets, the lower the gauge number the thicker the metal, so the 18 gauge caskets are often more expensive than a 20 gauge one.

Each metal casket or coffin comes with a rubber seal. This seal serves as a gasket that seals the top of the casket with the bottom. Most other casket companies will charge extra for this feature, but every metal casket at Divine Caskets comes with this gasket. This gasket may be required by law when transporting a casket and body over state lines.

The top of each brush finished metal casket is either treated with special coating or use stainless steel. The top of the casket will be less susceptible to rust and everyone will notice the quality. With the top being treated with special coating or use stainless steel you can get the quality but not pay the big bucks.

Each 18G metal, stainless, or bronze casket from Divine Casket comes with a complimentary memory tube. It is a small glass tube that you can fill with memories of your loved one. Personalize a message to them or use it to identify your loved one.

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