4 Types Of Urns Use For Cremation
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There are people that make it a choice to have their body cremated when they die. Cremation is performed by burning the dead body at the rate of high temperatures and utilizing oxidation. This returns the body to the natural substance and compounds that it originated. To put it plainly, cremation returns the body to ashes.

Why Some People Believe in Cremation

There are various beliefs that promote cremation as a way to free the spirit from the body after the person has passed. Other reasons are that cremation is cheaper than a formal burial. This assumption may only be half-true, as there are incurred costs with cremation. However, the one cost that should remain low is the price of the urn. The price may fluctuate with the type of urn and design chosen.

Benefits and Features of Aluminum Urns

  • Light-weight material
  • Seal tight container
  • Can be engraved or painted upon
  • Cost lower than brass urns
  • Can be set anywhere in the home

Benefits and Features of Brass Urns

  • A threaded lid keeps the ashes secure from dampness or spilling
  • Will not break when dropped
  • Can be sealed with waterproof glue to be placed in a garden
  • Can be engraved or painted upon
  • Significantly lower priced than wooden urns

Benefits and Features of Wooden Urns

  • Rich, deep colors of birch or mahogany wood
  • Seal tight container
  • Can be engraved upon and painted with varnish
  • May have options to mount a photo upon the wood

Benefits and Features of Ceramic Urns

  • Seal tight container
  • Can be engraved upon, painted, and decorated with other mediums
  • Can be placed outside once sealed with waterproof glue
  • Set upon a mantel or in a curio shelf

These are just some of the urns that are available. Others that are used for burial purposes come in green materials that break down into the ground. Sometimes, the ashes of the deceased are kept only for a while in the urn before being spread over a particular place. But, most people don’t know that low cost urns are available to them.

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