4 Tips For Buying Wholesale Caskets or Coffins
Brought to you by Divine Caskets

The best way for any family to purchase a casket or a coffin is to buy one within their budget. Purchasing a casket or a coffin at a higher price than can be afforded is a perfect way to lose money. Other families use up credit cards and loans to pay for the high prices of funerals. The sad fact of this is that long after the funeral is over, they’re still paying for it. Don’t over spend or fall into expensive casket or coffin purchases. Learn how to buy wholesale caskets or coffins with these four tips.

1. Determine What is Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale prices are the lowest price possible that an item is set at. Usually, a company purchases these items, caskets for example, in bulk to save on individual costs. Then, these caskets are resold to individuals at a discounted price. Not only does this save the person money, it also allows that extra money to go toward another funeral expense.

2. Finding Quality Wholesale Caskets or Coffins

Sure, putting in “wholesale caskets” or "wholesale coffins" into a search engine will bring up thousands of results. But, it will take hours sifting through those sellers to find the right price. Additionally, the seller that may seem like a great seller may not be what was expected.

3. Fraudulent Wholesale Casket Sites

The Internet has opened up opportunities for people everywhere to sell and make a buck. The problem with that is some people selling online may not provide what most people are looking for. There are wholesale casket sites that say their caskets or coffins are the lowest price with the highest quality, but in reality, they may be selling a piece of junk.

4. Determine A Quality Casket Site with Proof

Any wholesale casket site can paste a secure site sticker on their website to make people comfortable. But, should a person click on the link and it goes nowhere, that’s a good indication of a false security. A site like Divine Caskets offers their potential clients a look at their Better Business Bureau review. Not only will people see their ratings and feedback, they will feel safer that their website remains up to par with the BBB.

Don’t forgo quality for price. With that said, don’t assume that the higher the price the better quality the casket or the coffin is. Funeral homes will often display their highest priced caskets to sell first. However, people can ask for the full price list to choose from other caskets that funeral homes purposely don’t care to show.

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